ONITSHA, ANAMBRA STATE - There's excitement in the air as Best Brain Academy Onitsha awaits the results of the 2023 International Mathematics Competition

“Best Brain Academy” is a top 10 contender in the Chandelle US Mathematical Olympiad, an international Competition based out of the USA. Competing against others from as close as Calabar, Rivers State, and as far as Ghana, math's celebrating Onitsha could take the number one spot.

“I haven’t heard the others but I don’t think it matters because we’re going to win,” said Mrs Ogochukwu Akunna, Managing Director of Best Brain Academy.

“It was a great experience preparing my students and traveling with them to the venue of the exam, inspiring all of them to stay laser-focused and then seeing them on top in all categories after level 1. The preparation finally paid off,” she said.

The preparation was a collaborative effort between the maths teachers of the school. While they have adult support, the kids do all of the work.

“It’s sort of like a whole group effort to help prepare the students to come out in flying colors,” said Mr. Chigozie Anthony Nwokwu, a senior maths teacher at Best Brain, who is seen by many as the best maths teacher in the State. 

“I just really love teaching maths, though am versatile in all subjects and I think it’s such a gift,” he said. “I wanted to have a niche which is why I focus mainly on mathematics.”

Mr. Chigozie Anthony Nwokwu has set the bar so high that no maths teacher in the state could ever match his records. He takes unknown students and turns them into gold medalists contenders. 

Mr. Chigozie Anthony Nwokwu has taken his students to different competitions for about two years now. While he’s excited the school made the top picks, he says the implications of making it to the finals are the best part.

Now, there’s not much to do but wait until the award ceremony where the winners will be announced.

While Best Brain Academy has made it to the Top 3 of the competition after level 1 in all categories, they will find out who wins on July 1st.