Poet Lachelle Aifuwa Selected to read at Chandelle The Best Academic Awards

Today, the Chandelle Music & Arts Department announced that Daniels School of Excellence Port Harcourt, Rivers State Youth Poet Lachelle Aifuwa will perform her poetry at Chandelle The Best Academic Awards Ceremony, set to take place on Saturday, July 1st, at the Dome Event Center Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria.

Lachelle, who was appointed the first-ever Chandelleista Poet, will be among the Big Six poet to contest for the Rising Star Award. She is also a teenage activist who has been thinking about climate change and pleading for leaders to take action to curb it.

Lachelle’s reading will be supported by a rendition song by the Award-winning Gospel Music artist Frank Edwards and a ballet dance performance by Lilyspring Int School. It will no doubt reflect and amplify the overarching theme of Chandelle The Best Academic Awards, “Find your Light,” which, according to the Music and Arts Department, “reflects the notion that if students are given the chance to start standing in their light, being more of who they are meant to be and sharing it brilliantly, things that could previously remain hidden, start to be seen.

Poetry will have a place at this year's Awards ceremony in Port Harcourt thanks to the Chandelle Poetry Idol Contest, conceived of by the board of Chandelle Group. The Best Academic Awards committee will display poetry throughout the program. The aim is to draw attention to poetry itself.

The plan is for Echezonachukwu Nduka's famous and inspiring poem, "The Child, from his poetry book "Waterman," a fitting poem that pays tribute to the child we once used to be and the nostalgia to be it again," to be the prominently displayed, while six poems by the Six Chandelleista’s known as the Big Six poets of Chandelle will be scattered throughout the event.

Lachelle has rare status as a poet and has dreams of other ceremonies. She would love to read at a presidential inauguration and in the future wouldn't mind finding herself in an even more special position campaigning — as the first female president of Nigeria.