Let It Shine Event


  • The National Literacy Competition is a writing competition open to ALL students in the 5th through 8th grades for all schools as long as the participant is not above 12 years of age.
  • To participate, students must have registered through our website portal.
  • The purpose of the competition is to give students the opportunity to showcase their abilities, as well as instill pride and ownership of themselves.
  • History
    • The National Literary Competition was established in January 2021. The National Literacy Competition was founded by Chandelle’s Youth Programs to ensure that grade 4th to 6th students had the opportunity to showcase their English skills.
    Date of Exam
    • 10th of June 2023
    • The theme for the Let It Shine Literacy Olympiad is English Skills (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, and writing) in students.
    • The exam is an objective-type written test with a duration of 60 minutes.
    • It includes 100 objective-type questions for classes 5 to 8.

    • The question paper is divided into 4 sections

        • Word and Structure Knowledge.
        • Reading
        • Spoken and Written Expression
      Word and Structure Knowledge
      • The Word and Structure Knowledge section tests the grammatical knowledge of a student on various topics of English Grammar.
      • You may get questions mainly in the form of Fill in the blanks, Error spotting, Vocabulary (synonym, antonym, spelling).
      Error Spotting
      • In error spotting questions, a sentence will be given with an error and the candidate has to find out the part of the sentence that has an error.
      • To find out the answer to such types of questions it is imperative that you are well versed with the basic grammar rules regarding the subject, object, tenses, parts of speech, verbs, and more.
      Fill In the Blanks
      • In Fill in blank questions, questions have a sentence with a blank or more and with one or more words missing.
      • Four options are provided, candidates are required to choose the right option (word/set of words) for each blank based on the sentence’s requirement to be complete as well as meaningful.
      • The sentence may require a noun, verb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, idiom, etc. in order to be complete.
      • This section mainly aims at testing candidates’ knowledge of vocabulary and grasping power to deduce relevant details from the given passage.
      Spoken and Written Expression
      • This section tests a student’s ability on situation-based variation in functions like apology, introduction, request, conversation, etc.
      Examination period
      • LET IT SHINE" Literacy Olympiad (N1,000,000)
      • Strictly For Grade 5-8 Only (As long as the child is not above 12 years of age)
      • 1st N300,000 + Medal
      • 2nd N175,000 + Medal
      • 3rd N100,000 + Medal
      • 4th N25,000
      • 5th N25,000
      • 6th N25,000
      • 7th N25,000
      • 8th N25,000
      • 9th N25,000
      • 10th N25,000
      • 11th N25,000
      • 12th N25,000
      • 13th N25,000
      • 14th N25,000
      • 15th N25,000
      • 16th N25,000
      • 17th N25,000
      • 18th N25,000
      • 19th N25,000
      • 20th N25,000


    • Release of Results of assessment : 17th of June 2023

      • Empower students to participate in an event like this to develop new skills with the Let it Shine competition.

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