Chandelle Music/Arts Department Presents:

Spoken Word Poetry Contest!

In recognition of Echezonachukwu Nduka’s success between Poems & Pianos.
Award Prize ($1,000)
Registration is Open & it’s Free!!!!
  • A performance poetry that involves reading the poem aloud, using body language, gestures, and facial expressions to pass the message well.

  • Teachers can use this medium to encourage authentic writing and build community.
    “Poetry lays the foundations for a future of change,"

  • During the 2nd Edition of "Chandelle The Best Academic Awards", we will recognize and reward outstanding performances. Prizes will be awarded for the top-performing student, as well as for the second and third best performances.
  • Who is Eligible?
  • Young students ages 10 - 15 (Grade 5 to Grade 9)

  • 3 Guest Judges will decide the winner!
  • Prizes: $1,000
  • 1st position: $500
  • 2nd position: $300
  • 3rd Position: $200

  • Expert Review: Submit your draft before the deadline Saturday, March 4 and get feedback from our team of experts—authors, writing teachers, and educational professionals.
  • Key Dates
  • January 4: Competition Opens (Free Registration). We will review the first 50 drafts submitted.
  • March 4: Submission Deadline for Expert Review.
  • March 11: Reviews returned to Schools
  • April 11: Final Submissions Due
  • April 18: The Selected 3 Participants will be notified.
  • July 1st: They will perform on the Chandelleista The best Award event day 1st of July 2023 in Port Harcourt
  • How to Record and Submit a Video File

    If you’d like to create an audio/video version, you may use any platform of your choice- Simply upload the video within the text of your submission.

    How to Enter

    If you haven’t registered yet for Echezonachukwu Nduka’s Spoken Word Poetry, you can do so. Registration is free!

  • Draft your entry!
    The first 50 schools to submit a draft will receive an in-depth review from one of our Expert Reviewers—authors, writing teachers, and educational professionals—that you can use to revise your final entry. The “Submit” button will be clickable if slots are still available - click it to have your draft reviewed.
  • When you are ready to submit your entry, hit the “Submit” button

Registration for this event is officially closed.

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