Terms & Condition

Terms of Registration:

I agree to the terms of registration. Registered participants are not required to compete in the ‘Let It Shine’ contest, but registrations cannot be cancelled or transferred. I agree to honor the rules of the Let It Shine contest.

Contest Rules Eligibility :

1. All schools within the 4 states Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Port Harcourt are qualified for the first round(State Competition)
2. Schools qualified for the second stage are the winners from their state contest.
3. 1st position to 25th position from each state advances to the finals.
4. Only pupils from 4th - 6th grade, not more than 11 years will be allowed to participate in the competition.
5. Only pupils from a fully registered school will be allowed to participate.
6. The school should be ready to cooperate with the Organizers of the "Let it Shine" in their various states.

Disqualification :

Disqualification from "Let it Shine" is based on the following:
1. Paying a pupil from another school to represent your school.
2. Caught doing any form of malpractice.
3. Having paid any state Organizer of the "Let it Shine" in order to gain the award.
4. Ineligibility.
5. Noncompliance with the rules.

Finals :

The winners from each state 1st to 25th will compete amongst themselves in the Finals on 'March 26, 2022'.

Need more information?

Contact Desmond White at desmond@chandellebooks.com

Waiver Policy:

(Chandelle’s Waiver) By signing up for this (“Let It Shine"), sponsored by the EfineGlobal Publishing, USA, I hereby confirm as follows:

- I understand my child's participation in the activity is completely voluntary.

- I understand that EfineGlobal Publishing cannot guarantee that injury may not occur during my child's participation in the event. Although serious injuries are not common in supervised events, it is possible only to minimize, not eliminate, risk. Participants can, and have responsibility to, help reduce the chances of injury.

- I assume all risks resulting from his/her participation in the event. I attest and verify that my child is mentally and physically fit and able to participate in Chandelle’s sponsored events and activities. By agreeing to this, I hereby state that I understand there are risks involved in participating in Chandelle's ‘Let It Shine’ sponsored events and activities, and willingly and voluntarily accept these risks. By agreeing to this, I hereby surrender/waive any right to seek reimbursement from EfineGlobal Publishing, including all unit, council, and all of their officers, directors, members and volunteers for injury sustained and liability incurred during my child's participation in Chandelle's ‘Let It Shine’ sponsored events and activities, and will hold harmless EfineGlobal Publishing, their officers, agents, and any affiliated persons, entities, and associations from, any and all liability, causes of action, claims and demands which may arise in connection with or resulting from my child's participation in the event.